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Lam Morrison

Known for his fast fingers, very clean sound and his electrifying Rock n' Roll, Lam Morrison earned his title years ago as "Guitar King" and he still hold this Thailand title to this day. He is a master of lead and bass guitars, piano and the harmonica, as well as having a great singing voice.

lam morrison in concert
Since the young age of 13, Lam became obsessed with the guitar and became an accomplished, self-taught singer and guitarist by listening to and absorbing the great music of American and British Classic Rock artists. He was influenced by musicians and bands including Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, Mark Knopfler, Rory Gallagher, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, David Gilmore, Chuck Berry and B.B. King, just to name a few. In addition to mastering the art of playing the popular songs of various artists, Lam writes his own music and builds his own guitars and has played all over Thailand and many countries around the world.


Lam's first major concert was the Open Air Concert in Bangkok in 1972. It was a huge concert with many local and overseas bands. This concert was well received as the new Rock and Roll sounds were finally catching on.

He formed his first band, the "VIP Band" in Udon Thani Province. He played for service men and women at the US Army and Air Force bases in Thailand during the Vietnam War in the late 60's "playing with his heart" instead of "copying" the hits from The Stones, Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Canned Heat, Cream and The Doors (Lam jokingly refers to Jim Morrison as his brother). After the war, because the band was very rock oriented with a very unique sound, called "underground music", The VIP Band found it very difficult to get well attended gigs in Thailand, as the Thai people hadn't really embraced this new music of Rock n' Roll. Lam's Big Break; in 1974 at one big gig in Bangkok, a German tourist was in the audience and persuaded Lam to go to Germany with him. He and his VIP Band went and played all over Germany. While in Germany, he won a guitar dueling competition (which was broadcasted and reported all over) and earned himself the "Guitar King" title. He then toured for nearly a decade in countries like Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and France and gained a very large following there. Upon his return from his Germany/Scandinavian tour, Lam released his first album "If You Go, You Break My Heart" which was also the first Rock n' Roll album released in Thailand, thus crediting Lam as the Founder of Rock n' Roll in Thailand.

TOUR NEWS- First ever tour in the USA and Canada will begin in California in April 2016. Lam will be playing major festivals and fairs, as well as arena dates in major cities.

I Music Thailand and released his album, "Night in Bangkok", which features his "original" guitar solo by the same name, which sold over 1 million copies, and was the largest number of artist albums sold in Thailand at that time. This was also the year he released his "Europa Concert Norway Live" album.

In the late 80's a lot of new musicians had emerged and musical styles had changed. Lam continued to Rock-out Thailand doing various appearances and concerts, sharing stages with all of Thailand's heirs to the throne, from Micro to Olarn, from superstar Thai bands Carabao to Sek Loso (two of Thai music heroes who still credit Lam Morrison as "Thailand's Guitar King" today)

Lam spent a few years touring Sydney, Australia where he played in a band called the "Firebirds Blues Band". Shortly after his return to Thailand he was sponsored by EMI Music to go back to Europe, where he toured and performed with the famous bands UFO and Deep Purple. He became great friends with Richie Blackmore, Michael Schenker and Gary Moore and are still friends with Ritchie and Michael to this day. In the 90's Lam was reunited in Thailand with Deep Purple for a huge "Sold Out" concert at the National Stadium in Bangkok, where he was the featured guest performer.

Lam Morrison has released 10 albums with the most popular being "Europa Concert Norway Live". His personal favorite track being "If You Go, You Break My Heart" and the song "Night In Bangkok" which is still one of the most famous pieces of music in Thailand today. With Lam's iconic "personally handmade" machine gun-shaped and USA Flag guitars, just to name a few, he ignites the energy of the crowd by playing his own original guitar solos, popular songs, as well as classical greats like Beethoven no 5 and 6. He is very charismatic and a definite crowd pleaser as his performances show his deep love for what he does. Lam has a huge knowledge of Rock music and can usually play any song fans want to hear.

He has spent the last decade or more performing concerts big and small all over Thailand. He is still "Thailand's Guitar King" and a much desired and admired guitarist. He is booked by many prestigious, local and regional political powers and dignitaries for private concerts, as well as on many occasions for the King of Thailand, such as the "Rock For The Greatest King" Concert at Suan Loom Night Bazaar Main Hall, Bangkok. He loves his guitars so much that he often refers to them as his wife! His passion and his deep desire to keep his skills sharp, has him performing on many nights at local Walking Street Clubs, mainly "Hot Tuna" where he is the highlight for locals and tourists around the globe. In addition to the large European fan base, he has an enormous following from Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, in which the Canadians refer to him as "The Canadian God"!

Today, Lam resides in Pattaya Thailand and has two beautiful adult daughters Jeab and the youngest Nattasha, who has followed her famous father's footsteps by being one of Thailand's most sought after Actress, Director, Model, Singer and Song Writer.

To Top Things Off, and Put The Icing on the Cake...Lam Morrison "Thailand's Guitar King" and "Thailand's Founder of Rock n' Roll" will be honored in March of 2016 with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" by the King of Thailand for his enormous musical achievements and positive influence on his countries tourism. With this award, he will get an annuity every month for the rest of his life!